Surrogates and intended parents often begin their journey as near-strangers, but they must quickly learn to trust one another and communicate about their expectations.

While these evolving relationships are often deeply rewarding for both parties, they also enter complicated legal, emotional, and financial territory. Having a clear and comprehensive contract is an essential part of navigating this process.

Bouneff, Chally & Koh prepares and reviews individualized contracts between intended parents and surrogates and offers advice and guidance based on decades of experience. Whether you are an intended parent or a surrogate, we take care of your legal concerns so that you can relax and enjoy your surrogacy.

Who will be helping you:

Tabitha Koh and Sarah Scott have worked on surrogacy contracts with Bouneff, Chally & Koh since 2009 and 2022 respectively. Tabitha and Sarah provide compassionate and understanding legal care for families of all kinds.

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