Second Parent Adoptions for LGBTQ+ Families

Second parent adoptions make existing relationships between parents and children a legal reality.

Second parent adoptions make existing relationships between parents and children a legal reality. For many couples, pursuing parental rights is not only an important way to secure the future of their families, but also a critical emotional and symbolic representation of sharing parenthood. And since adoptions granted by one state are legally recognized in all states, second parent adoptions provide security and confidence that your parental rights will be honored even if you leave Oregon.

For same-sex couples starting a family, only one parent, at most, has clear legal rights as a matter of course. For lesbian couples starting a family using traditional pregnancy, this is the birthing mother; for male couples using surrogacy, it is the genetic father. Second parent adoption clarifies the legal relationship between the other parent and the child for these families.

Same-sex couples may also pursue second parent adoptions when one partner has a child from a previous relationship.

In addition to legally establishing the emotional relationship that already exists, this ensures parent and child can stay together in case something happens to the genetic parent.

Whatever your circumstances, Bouneff, Chally & Koh will help you determine what procedure makes the most sense for you. We prepare your paperwork, address sperm donor or surrogate issues, oversee the adoption process, and work hard to reduce the complication and expense for you as we legally recognize and protect your family.

Who will be helping you:

Tabitha Koh has been an attorney with Bouneff, Chally & Koh since 2009. While experienced in many areas of law, she specializes in second parent adoptions and new family estate planning. As a lesbian woman with a wife and two young children herself, Tabitha knows how critical legal protections are for LGBTQ+ families, and provides compassionate and understanding legal care.