About Adoptive Parents

Adoption can be an emotional and challening process for adoptive parents as well as for birth parents.

Adoptive parents must share the private details of their lives with strangers and face a lot of uncertainty and lack of control in order to fulfill their dream of having children.

Without people who want to open their homes and hearts to children who are not biologically theirs, placing a child for adoption would not be an option for birth parents. We hope you will appreciate the dedication and generosity of potential adoptive parents, and be sensitive to the journey that brought them here.

What to Consider when Choosing Adoptive Parents

Most birth mothers choose adoptive parents who share their beliefs and values, have the same expectations about openness and contact after the birth, and are likely to give the child the kind of life she herself imagines for the child.

Some things to think about when you consider potential adoptive parents:

  • How much contact they want you to have with the child
  • Ethnic background
  • Religion and values
  • Marital or relationship status and length of time in a relationship
  • Previous children (biological or adopted)
  • Age
  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Home and neighborhood
  • Involvement in community
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Ability to provide emotional and financial support during your pregnancy
  • Ability to provide for your child’s future needs