Introduction to Adoption

The Choice is Yours

Choosing to place a child for adoption is a complicated and difficult decision. You may be in a position you never expected to face. You may be feeling alone or overwhelmed.

Take your time. Know that you are not alone, and that you have choices and resources. We will help you explore your options and support you every step of the way. If you decide adoption is the right path, we will help you find an adoptive family who will love your child for the rest of their lives. Your choice to place your child for adoption will be the greatest gift they have ever received.

What is Adoption?

Adoption is a permanent legal process that terminates your legal rights to your child and creates a parent-child relationship between the child and the adoptive parents. Once the adoption is finalized, it will be as if the child had been born to the adoptive parents.

Who Adopts?

People adopt for a variety of reasons. Many people adopt when they can’t have children biologically,
whether because they are infertile, single, or in same-sex relationships. Whatever their reasons, all of the
adoptive families we work with want more than anything to raise children in safe and loving homes.

Why Bouneff, Chally & Koh?

Our attorneys have over 35 years of experience helping birth parents find loving homes for their children. Birth parents come to us not just for legal advice, but for emotional support and guidance as well. We are never critical of any person’s situation or choices. We will spend time getting to know you and helping you get the financial and emotional support you need. And you will never have to pay for our services while you consider or complete an adoption.

Although we work on all kinds of adoptions, we focus on open adoptions. This means that you will get to choose the adoptive family you feel is right for your child and spend time getting to know them before the birth. Most importantly, you will be able to have a relationship with your child throughout his or her life, through letters, phone calls, and visits.