Bouneff, Chally & Koh


Bouneff, Chally & Koh has been serving adoptive parents, birth parents, and adoption agencies for 30 years. Our firm assists clients at every stage of the adoption process. We work on a wide range of adoptions, including independent, agency, domestic, international, relative, stepparent, and second parent adoptions.

We are particularly committed to the philosophy of open adoption, in which birth parents and adopted children remain in contact throughout their lives, with the participation and blessing of the adoptive family. We believe this is the most rewarding form of adoption for everyone involved, especially for adopted children.

Our team is dedicated to building loving families through adoption and helping birth parents find the best possible homes for their children. We approach all of our work with empathy and honesty.

Adoptive Parents

For many adoptive parents, the joy of starting a family is matched by the stress and uncertainty of the adoption process. Bouneff, Chally & Koh protects your legal rights and guides you through your adoption so you can focus on what's important.

Whether you are pursuing an independent adoption or enlisting an agency, you will need an attorney to prepare and file documents with the court to finalize your adoption. We assist adoptive parents in international, stepparent, and relative adoptions. We also handle cases involving birth parents revoking their consent, birth father contests, and other contested adoption issues.

Birth Parents

For birth parents facing the difficult and complicated decision to place a child for adoption, we protect your rights and work hard to reduce your worry and stress. We never represent both the birth parents and the adoptive parents in the same case, so you can be sure we are committed only to your interests.

Who will be helping you: John Chally has been practicing adoption law for over 35 years and is one of the leading adoption law litigators in Oregon. Tabitha Koh has practiced adoption law with Bouneff, Chally & Koh since 2009. As a lesbian woman with a wife and new baby, she provides compassionate and understanding legal care for families of all kinds. John and Tabitha handle over 150 adoption cases annually, representing adoptive parents, birth parents, and adoption agencies.